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By atlantajunk86636832, Jan 20 2016 01:12PM

Recycling is the process of collecting and treating used or waste materials – which would otherwise be thrown away as trash – to make them suitable for reuse or turn them into new products. Recycling benefits individuals, communities and our environment.

Recycling not only reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills and incinerators, but also conserves natural resources, prevents pollution, saves energy, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and helps create new jobs in recycling and manufacturing industries. Efficiently operated recycling programs cost less to operate than standard waste collection and disposal, and the industry has created over 1.1 million jobs nationwide. There are 4 recycling jobs created for every one position in the waste management and disposal industry.

* An estimated 80 million Hershey's Kisses are wrapped each day, using enough aluminum foil to cover over 50 acres of space. All that foil is recyclable, but not many people realize it.

* Rainforests are being cut down at the rate of 100 acres per minute.

* One quart of motor oil, if disposed of improperly, can contaminate up to 2 million gallons of fresh water.

* On average, each person produces 4.4 pounds of trash each day, adding up to almost a ton of trash per person, per year.

* A typical family consumes 182 gallons of soda, 29 gallons of juice, 104 gallons of milk, and 26 gallons of bottled water a year. That's a lot of containers able to be recycled!

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